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Our parents are our greatest resource. They are the true testament to the value of our school.


What our Parents have to say:


    • I wanted to express to you what a wonderful experience Robert has had at Haynes. We have loved Haynes for many years and feel that the experience that Robert has received has been so special.As you know, he does not handle change well. You all were understanding, yet firm. You were loving, yet held him to the expectations of a student and we appreciate this very much. His letters are not all in there yet. He doesn’t quite understand what Amelia Bedelia is doing wrong in her stories yet. He sometimes forgets 7 and occasionally 14 when he is counting… but he loves school and feels safe and ready for kindergarten.This is the most important step of all. Thank you for working with us and for letting Robert be Robert.


    • I am Emma C’s dad and writing this to share a moment I had and a testament to you all. Upon learning that her first day back after the holidays was cancelled she broke down crying for over ten long minutes. No words offered comfort, no actions consoled, she did not understand that we (parents/adults) could not control the weather. This was proving to be a rough time in her learning that we (parents/adults) who move heaven and earth daily could not change the weather. This has my wife and I knowing that Emma not only enjys,but loves her class and her teachers: Molly Stottner, Susan Sessions, and Alison Yonkers.


    • Thank you for all that you do. – Ward C.


    • Thank You for everything! Haynes has been so wonderful for Cami! We are so glad we found you! – Betsy R.


    • Haynes Preschool is wonderful! This will be my daughter’s third year at Haynes and she absolutely loves it! I love that she can’t wait to go to school in the mornings and that she often tells me that her day was “awesome!”. The teachers and staff at Haynes are so kind and nurturing, and they’re doing a great job preparing our children for elementary school. You can not go wrong at Haynes! -Krissy S.


    • We have thoroughly enjoyed this year but most importantly Carson really enjoys going to preschool. Thank you very much for providing such a warm and loving environment for our son! – Graham C.


    • My son attended Haynes preschool for two years. Haynes has the perfect blend of learning by play and reaching appropriate scholastic goals. Each child was given individual attention and the staff were “in tune” and very communicative about our child’s progress. I have recommended Haynes to many friends already and will continue to do so in the future. Sue- Cleveland


    • My son’s fine motor skills and letter recognition improved significantly. Thanks.


    • It seemed like such a nice, inviting atmosphere. I was very impressed with the teachers, Mrs. Stottner and Mrs. Sessions. They were incredibly patient and warm and so easy-going with the children, yet still instilling good lessons including manners and social interactions. The folder communication system was very good, and I also felt like the teachers and director were always easy to reach… I often used email. I liked the fact that you brought programs to the school, the Eco-Explorers and music classes. Finally, I really felt like our child had a very good and positive experience with her first year of preschool with warm, welcoming teachers in an educational and fun atmosphere.