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Thank you for your patience as we worked through the changes needed due to COVID19. Since the safety of our children, their families and our teachers is paramount, we decided early on to follow the plans of Lakewood City School District.

LCSD is currently following the Cuyahoga County Board of Health recommendation that schools offer remote learning for the first 9 weeks of school. This means Haynes will be doing the same. This remote learning plan is recommended for 9 weeks, which takes us to the 2nd week in November at which time the situation will be re-evaluated. At that time, if we are able, we will offer in-person learning with COVID19 policies in place.

Below is the plan that the Haynes team has developed, which is based on the Lakewood Schools plan. There are some compromises and changes within this plan and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes you in your individual planning.

1.) Our start date will be the week of September 15th. Parents or caregivers will come on your child’s first day, which will be an in-person meet up in the park, at a specific time. The meet-ups will include 4 children, 4 parents, and 2 teachers. Classes will be divided into different times due to social distancing guidelines. You can sign up the week before for the time/date you prefer. Meet-ups will take place once a week on Tuesdays. The remaining time will be in remote learning. Pre-K 4’s will start Wednesday, Sept 16th and Thursday, Sept 17th

2) We will have meet-ups once per week in a local park. Initially, meet-ups will include 4 children, 4 parents, and 2 teachers. Teachers will read stories, do crafts, go on scavenger hunts, etc. It is so important to our teachers that they see your children in person and create or continue the bonds that are crucial to the learning process. We know that remote learning will be much more challenging if children do not feel a bond with the teachers and other students. The goal is that we will eventually transition to not needing parents to stay. These meet-ups will be offered in sessions in order to accommodate all of our 4-year-olds.

3) Beginning September 23, following the meet-up, we will offer 2 days of remote learning. The meet-ups will occur on Tuesday with remote learning happening for 2 hours on Wednesday and Thursday. Please be assured that our teachers are working diligently to develop high-quality remote plans for your children. These plans include activity kits, weekly themes, social-emotional lessons, and high levels of student engagement.

4) Unfortunately, we needed to make the difficult decision to postpone the start of the 3-year-old program at this time. We will reassess for a hopeful January 2021 start. 3s families have been notified by email. A reminder to please let us know if you would like a credit or refund for registration and tuition fees by Monday, August 31st.

5) The church is helping the school develop a waiver to attend the preschool in the Qpark that you will all need to sign prior to the first day of school. I will send that out as soon as it is completed. It will be very similar to the ones other area preschools are creating and Lakewood sports now have due to Covid-19.

6) During this challenging time, we understand that your child will not have the in-person experience that is expected when you send your child to pre-school. Our plan reflects our understanding of this. However, as a non-profit, non-tax based organization we are still fully committed to paying our amazing teachers. They will, in all reality, be working harder than ever. Therefore, we are offering a form of a
sliding scale. You can pay 50%, 75%, or 100% of your normal tuition, based on what you feel your family can pay. And as always, donations are more than welcome! We normally ask that you pay your September tuition as well as your May tuition in September. This is not currently mandatory but appreciated as we work to maintain
funds to our teaching staff.

7) During this time we will maintain our current Haynes handbook, which will include COVID19 adjustments. These may change as necessary as the year progresses. Parents will be informed of all changes when they are made.

Below you will find some important dates:
August 31st last day to withdraw
September 9th all forms due
September 16th and 17th first day! Meet-up in the park with a split schedule by the last name
September 16th and 17th first tuition payment due
September 22nd Second in-person meet-up
September 23rd First day of remote learning

8) A future email will give you a detailed look at a schedule and exactly what remote learning will look like. We are also working on a plan to have some kind of back to school “meeting” for parents to better understand what remote learning will look like for their child. The date and format for this will be shared very soon. Please stay tuned…

We are so grateful to partner with you towards your child’s success. Although this year will look very different, please know that our teachers are still very excited to work with your children. They have dedicated a good portion of their summer to come up with the best, most creative, and engaging ways to reach their students in a new and unique setting. We look forward to the 2020-2021 school year!

-Shannon Lubas, Director